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Colombo No. 7 London Dry Gin 43,1% Vol. 0,7l

Colombo No. 7 London Dry Gin 43,1% Vol. 0,7l

Normaalihinta €33,70
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €33,70
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

A unique London Dry Gin from Sri Lanka.
Even today, Colombo No. 7 is still produced according to the original 70 year old recipe and distilled in small batches in traditional copper pot stills.

Botanicals: cinnamon bark, curry leaves, ginger root, coriander seeds, juniper berries, liquorice, angelica

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: Notes of cinnamon bark, juniper, coriander, ginger.
Taste: Complex, spicy, harmonious, juniper, coriander, ginger.
Finish: Long lasting.

Enjoy this gin on ice, a high-quality tonic and a slice of lemon.

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