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Absolut VANILLA Flavored Vodka 40% 0,7l

Absolut VANILLA Flavored Vodka 40% 0,7l

Normaalihinta €22,20
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €22,20
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
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Absolut Vanilia Vodka is perfect for those with a sweet tooth or those who like to experiment with contrasting flavours. It’s made exclusively from natural ingredients, and doesn't contain any added sugar. This rich, robust and complex vodka is characterised by it’s distinct taste of vanilla, notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or added to a wide selection of drinks and cocktails to enhance the taste. Serving suggestion: simply pour over ice, add cola and garnish with lime, or use it in any of your favourite vodka cocktails.

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